Dikhololo Supertube Experience

The Super Tube Slide at Dikhololo.

My favorite facility at Dikhololo is their Supertube Slide, the slide is engineered for durability and safety. The ninja Supertube is about 100 meters in length and travel through the trees into the pool.

Bird eye view of the Super Tube at Dikhololo

It is constructed with durable plastic that supports you to 250 pounds while offering speed and comfort. The supertube which I call ninja slide because of its layout and design is a must facility you must check out.

Children experience the twisty nature of Dikhololo Super Tube

The Super Tube Slide is fast, twisty all the way down to the pool.

Adults are not left out. Best Super Tube for me

Do check it out when ever you find yourself close to north-west of Brits. You’ll enjoy it.

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